…so precious, playful, colorful and rare, like tiny jewels in the air…

To most people the butterfly is a symbol of playfulness, freedom, magic, lightness, beauty and fragility. Its colour alone is associated with aliveness and brightness for the soul. Some of us see it as a signpost for powerful transformation and changes in our life, as we are move through different cycles in our life. It is also a symbol for renewal and rebirth as many people associate the butterfly as a message of love, from their loved ones in the spirit world. This within itself is a healing as it reminds us to step out of the sorrow and bring more joy into our lives and lightness of being.

Every time I see a beautiful butterfly I think of all the brave and courageous spirit children, I have ever worked with other the years and now living in the spirit world safe in their new home called heaven. I am always in awe when I work with these beautiful children, who are often brave little sprites. In my line of work I have worked with many spirit cases of children’s death from disease, murders, abductions, accidents and suicides. None of them are easy to say the least but the good thing to know is often in most cases the soul will leave the body of the person or child before the impact of death. For example say if a person was to jump into a train, they will not remember the impact and the pain associated with such an act. With the case of suicide, the spirit children will often say they did not belong here or fit in and the realities of this world were often too harsh for them to bear and it was easier going back to the spirit world. In tribute to them all, I run a show called the Rainbow show where I donate all the proceeds to children with cancer, as it gives me great satisfaction, healing and pleasure to do something to help their precious souls.

When children die, which is the hardest pain of all as it, seems such a waste, I always try and remember these very brave souls have chosen this spiritual contract to help them with their karma and to raise their consciousness for their next life. I have experienced meeting many spiritual children in my work as a medium, especially when I sit in a physical mediumship group, as these are the first spirits that come in. It always makes me smile when I often hear them laughing, singing songs and carrying on as they are delightful to be around.I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child myself, but I have been a witness to this many times in my life through my work and had a good cry with the parents and families. The good thing is, once I have made contact, the spirit in question will always say that they are always happy in the spirit world, want their parent to know that they are safe, happy and how much they miss the family. Unfortunately as the story goes, it’s the parents, left behind that have to pick up the pieces and want to know why this happened and why they did not see the signs their child was leaving. When I meditate I often see the spirit world. It looks like a vast consciousness of incredible light but can look like something else entirely to other people, like a place in nature or a great city or something very different but beautiful. Through my readings and mediumship, I am often a witness to see and get information that the children in spirit are safe and happy where they are and are protected by angels or light beings until it is their choice to reincarnate again. Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Hindu religion. Through my experience through hypnosis, I have also seen thousands of cases where souls do reincarnate, so I known this to be true. For the skeptics out there probably the best-known, if not most respected,collection of scientific data that appears to provide scientific proof that reincarnation is real, is the life’s work of Dr. Ian Stevenson. Instead of relying on hypnosis to verify that an individual has had a previous life, he instead chose to collect thousands of cases of children who spontaneously (without hypnosis) remember a past life. Dr. Ian Stevenson uses this approach because spontaneous past life memories in a child can be investigated using strict scientific protocols. Hypnosis, while useful in researching into past lives, is less reliable from a purely scientific perspective. In order to collect his data, Dr. Stevenson methodically documents the child’s statements of a previous life. Then he identifies the deceased person the child remembers being, and verifies the facts of the deceased person’s life that match the child’s memory. He even matches birthmarks and birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased, verified by medical records. His strict methods systematically rule out all possible “normal” explanations for the child’s memories.

Some of the stories below are beautiful, hand picked stories of brave little children I have worked with or known over the years


While working away one year at a festival a family of three came for a reading to contact their daughter who had taken her own life by jumping off a cliff. The family were traumatised to say the least and wanted answers on how and why she had done this as not only was it such a waste of a young persons life but an incredible shock and blow to everyone concerned that knew and truly loved her. On a personnel level, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have this experience but so many times I have helped many families get over the death of a child. Before the time of her death Katie was a willowy, enthusiastic young teenager, eager for life everything around her to explore. Unfortunately she had major problems with depression as she got older and sadly became very withdrawn and was not able to communicate with her loved ones and general surroundings.When Katie was a baby, the mother sensed straight away that she was different from other children, as she was extremely shy, very withdrawn and took a long time to speak and communicate with family and friends around her. She was also a very nervous child around other children and people in general, but her mother hoped with all her heart she would finally one day grow out of it and be like other normal children. Sadly this was not the case and her condition only got worst and she began to isolate herself more and more in her room and did not want to come out or go to school. This only got worst the older she became and nobody seemed to be able to help her or understand what her illness was and why she never fitted in putting it down to just that she was a sensitive soul. The only thing that seemed to give her daughter any peace was her time by the sea, playing in the water and collecting different types of seashells. Later she was diagnosed with a rare mental condition that made life extremely hard and difficult to bear because the medication and many pills she was on never did a thing to help her in anyway. After her passing, everyone and especially her mother, the closest person in Katie’s life, had having difficulty coming to terms with her death and decided to come and see me. No sooner had the mother sat down in the chair I heard a young spirit girl singing, giggling and laughing in the room. Before too long I could hear the little girls voice talking in my ear, saying how sorry she was for causing so much trouble and upsetting her family, but to let her mother know that she was with her beloved nan and her pet dog Sally, that had died several months before Katie’s death. When I relayed this to the family, Katie’s mother began to cry softly and said how much she missed her and how much it hurt, not seeing her everyday, as she had never stopped loving her and missed her company. She was also not surprised how Katie was laughing when she came in the room as she often did this when playing in her room, away from the rest of the world, so it was a relief to know that she was ok and with her Nan and her beloved dog Sally that had been run over by a car.  Katie’s mum then went on to say fondly, how they all called her the mermaid as they lived by the sea and Katie was always swimming or collecting shells on the nearby beach which she placed lovingly all over the place in her neat bedroom. When Katie heard this she laughed again and thanked her mother for placing some of the shells on her grave.


Louise was a young girl that was horrifically and tragically raped and murdered by a neighbour. After her body was found a few days after she was reported missing, dumped and wrapped in plastic in bush land not far from where she lived, the police arrested a man on suspicion of her murder. The police did not have to look far as a suspect came up on the police registrar, as a well knows paedophile. Apparently, unbeknown to the family, he had been living next door to the family for many years. The family from overseas knew the man and he had become an acquaintance of the family, but they had no idea of his past as nobody was informed. Unfortunately, Louise became his victim and the man was often seen talking and being friendly to the small girl when she went to school or walked past his door.  The client was a female cousin of the family, visiting from overseas and wanted to get in contact with a medium to see if little Louise was ok in the spirit world and if she had suffered, or was in any pain. The woman went on to tell me in great detail, how the whole ordeal was like a continual nightmare for her and she needed to get some type of closure so she could on with her life. Her main concern was to know her cousin was ok and if she had suffered in anyway. She then went on to tell me the parents had separated over the years as the pain and ordeal losing a child was too much for them to bear. Once I made contact with the spirit of the child, I was taken aback when I heard a small, chirpy little voice singing a song that sounded very familiar to me. Before too long I could see the outline of Louise’s spirit standing in the room, smiling happily as if not having any concerns in the world. The little girl went on to me that when she died her grandmother had come to get her out of a bright light. All she could remember was being scared she would get into trouble from her mother, as she never made it home from school when she got off the bus. The man who hit her over the head and choked her had an angry face, but she knew who he was and felt confused, as he was not being nice and she felt squashed as he lay on her small body. The next thing she remembered was an incredible light, that felt warm that seemed to wrap itself around her whole body. Looking up she then saw her grandmother who wrapped her in her arms and took her towards the bright light.       Before too long, she looked down at her body, which lay below her, all wrapped tightly in what looked like garbage bags and black tape.

Even though the death was terribly traumatic and sad, it wastruly remarkable, how the spirit child kept saying over and over again how she never suffered when she was murdered but went on in great detail of how proud she was of her new school uniform she had on at the time of her death. From what I saw, as she spoke I felt sick to the core as I saw her death being played out in my mind, like a movie. I suppose in hindsight this is what my client wanted to know. The evil offender is in jail, but it brought tears to my eyes and a whole lot of relief to pass on the information of how happy she was to give information about her life and how she never suffered at the time of her death with this monster.

I work a lot with spirit children with my work, as I have a team of spirit children that help me with my séances and psychical mediumship, but it is always a welcome relief when you get evidence like this that a child involved in a horrendous and hideous crime never actually suffered. I just pray it is the same for other victims of this type of degradation. Murder is a very dark and grotesque world very dark and troubled and what the majority call evil.It is a part of life most of us do not want to think about with its dark and menacing shadows.

My only salvation is the truth in all the knowing, that all the spirit children I have connected with over the years are always are little sprites, so happy, full of laughter and safe in the spirit world with beautiful angels looking after them.