The Queen Of The Fairies, Morgn Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay is the mysterious mythical, powerful Welsh Goddess of battle, control, fertility, sexuality, and manipulation in the Arthurian legends, working with the light and dark forces.  Morgana is a sorceress and powerful enchantress, from Avalon.  Her energy is connected to Awe, the Welsh goddess of life and death. She is the step sister to Arthur and related to Merlin. She is a strong energy and magical woman, with supernatural powers, a shapeshifter, leader, and was known as the battle goddess by men as she always knew the outcome of the war as she could see through the eyes of her ravens, with prophecy.

‘Salute a raven, seek their brother.’ If men saw her on the battlefield, they knew they would die. She was looked upon as evil from her clashes with the knights of the round table, monks who told her story, and her reputation exaggerated furiously by English men. Her father is Pendragon and she has the power of the sylph energy, the dragon. She is a great and renowned healer. She was also known as Morgan Le Fay, the Celtic queen of the Fairy’s, and represents healing magic. She was a triple goddess, virgin, and crone.


‘Feel The Magical, Power Within’

As I tuned into Morgan Le Fay I was taken to a large, mythical and forest, not ever seen by the human eye, back to the mystical days of the legends of Avalon. As she approached, I saw her as a beautiful enchantress, with wild long red hair, a pale face, quite slim, very agile, regal, and athletic like a warrior.  I felt in awe as I was in the company of a very great presence. Her energy came across as a type of femme fatale, very sexual and powerful within her own right and I can imagine, not the type to suffer fools gladly, as I saw her large sword shining in the light, under a soft veil. I had the impression she would be able to seduce anyone, male or female with her magical powers if it suited her for whatever reason, political, emotional, and personal control when she stared at you will her wide green eyes, the same color as the forest. She seemed free and highly spirited and held her power well as any Queen would do. As she welcomed me, with great curiosity, I looked around and saw her large entourage of many nature spirits or elementals all gathered around her, jumping around, laughing happily by her side, seemingly devoted to her very lovingly and listening to every word she said. My higher mind told me these magical beings were all living peacefully, in this sacred space and some in the surrounding ether, together since the beginning of time and did not like the interference of a mere mortal, like myself. As I looked around, I felt overwhelmed, as I was welcomed and introduced to all the elementals, especially the graceful but very vain undines, or water fairies, peering out of rocks, surrounded by ferns. Looking closely, I could see they were beautiful winged water creatures all living near rocky pools, dressed impeccably in shiny flowing gowns in different colors of a very pale, sheer silk. When they suddenly flew into the sky all screaming and laughing, they had silvery wings, which shone brightly in the filtered light. Then there were the sylphs or air spirits. These beings appeared as butterflies, beetles, other insects, and birds, that were all talked wildly at once, probably wondering who I was. I smiled knowingly as I understood they were beings that were fast-thinking, full of inspiration and ideas for humans wanting to connect with these spirits. Thirdly, there were the fiery salamanders or fire spirits, otherwise known as fireflies; and lastly, the earth nature spirits, who were known as pixies, gnomes, elves, and goblins. I was told the undines or fairies are the shape-shifters among the elementals, just like their beloved queen. They can change into any shape, size, or form in the blink of an eye, just like their friends the mermaids, and the unicorns. Before I left, the Queen of the fairies approached me and told me to honor my own gifts, from birth as they were the tools to live my life’s purpose and to keep moving forward bravely, no matter what the outcome. I was told also how important it was to really believe in myself, stand in my own power and not listen to harsh negative gossip or to be disheartened by the betrayal by others. I was told not to forget to use wear an imaginary blue cloak for protection so the waves of negativity would simply wash over me.  If I truly wanted to create magic, I had to believe in myself as it comes from my knowledge from deep within.

I had been going through personnel problems at the time, in a work situation so her message came at a good time as it gave me a reminder not to be so sensitive and the wisdom to understand to walk away and cut the ties of anyone or anything in my way and not on my wave-length without any sadness or sorrow. She also suggested making a mud pie in my garden and place the person’s name in the middle on a piece of paper, I was having trouble with, which made me laugh as it reminded me of my childhood. Once I had done that, I was to bury it next to a tree, surrendering it to the earth and the nature spirits, so it could heal the sadness and the painful wound I was feeling deeply inside my heart. Her words to me were, mud sticks, live for the laughter, be joyous and when one door closes another far better than what you could ever imagine will open with far better outcomes.


If you are attracted to this energy, it’s time to stand in your personnel power, walk away from all toxic and negative influences, and weave your own magic. This card often comes when change is in the air and it’s time to move on, be passionate about what you want, and invest in the new and out with the old. Perhaps you have been having problems with toxic friendships that have run their course, have boundary issues that have been very testing and draining, need to get out of a loveless or abusive relationship or time to work at something you really love, instead of just thinking about all the time, which is far more creative really resonates with who you are. It’s also about health, look your best, and feeling beautifully sexy and wonderful instead of feeling invisible, ordinary, and spending too much time alone, feeling bogged down and sorry for yourself. This is not about hiding from the world but stepping out and spreading the magic of your intoxicating energy.