Saint Germain

Saint Germain is Cohan of the seventh ray, master alchemist for world transmutation, and bears the gifts of the violet flame. He also sits on the spiritual platform of the White Brotherhood. The violet flame stands and serves for freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy, new energies, defenders of freedom and new life waves. When he is around you can smell the sweet smell of violets. In past lives he has been a high priest in the violet flame temple of Atlantis, the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Saint Alban and Merlin, the alchemist, prophet and counsellor to King Arthur. He was also Rodger Bacon, Christopher Columbus us and Sir Francis Bacon.



Everyone has gifts in the world. It does not come from an outside influence but something very special and private within. With attention, gentle care, and dedication to ourselves through meditation and looking after ourselves mentally, psychically, and emotionally, we can build on this and own the power we are given which is our birthright. Once we believe in ourselves, love who we are, and accept ourselves, we are unstoppable in all our dreams and exciting pursuits in the world today. Instead of not feeling good enough, or listening to our own critical mind chatter at times, we can choose to have the confidence to move ahead and enjoy every moment we have in life. Too often we get bogged down by negative energy that comes our way, by listening or giving into destructive energy, in the form of what others may say or think about us which in many cases is not justified. This toxic energy, which is very unfair and unjust, like jealousy, hatred, or destructive gossip can be soul-destroying and eat away at our divine essence, causing sadness and doubt about ourselves, often taking us off our path. This situation has come up for me many times in my life and often I have been at the crossroads and wondered if the work I wanted to do was worth it or a relationship I have been having problems with will improve. Once I have called in the energy and asked for help, I will always get an answer to my problem within twenty-four hours.  Asking for assistance from St Germain will always give me the clarity I need.

The powerful energy of the purple flame can also be used for world issues too, for example, sometimes we feel helpless when we see unkind and unfair things in the world that pull on our heartstrings. Instead of feeling sad or lonely, call on the master energy and the purple flame to help transmute these negative energies instead of feeling helpless. The simple act of prayer and the surrender of great worries and concerns can create wonders in the world as miracles do happen. Surrender any given situation you may have to the higher forces for better outcomes. With Saint Germain, we, as alchemists can create a new reality for better outcomes. Call on these supernatural powers today to regain balance and fairness in the world.


If you have been attracted to this energy, by bringing change and transmutation in your life, it is time now to take a big deep breath and to totally stand in your power, believing in yourself. To begin, think of something you really want, if it be for your higher self, now thinking of a happy memory, see yourself with what you truly want and see it being successful with a positive outcome. Having doubt in your abilities can sometimes take you off your path and spiral you into despair and confusion.  You have the power you need to be exactly where you want to be and where you want to go as you create your own reality. Once you acknowledge this you will begin to weave your magic and others will see your energy soar to the heights you want to go. Gradually your light will appear stronger, attracting others, feeling the connection to this beautiful energy you emit, wanting to help you along the way. Don’t be surprised when the manifestation of your dreams will come with so much grace and ease you never thought possible, making you realize how easy life can be when you surrender to this magnificent healing force, of pure love and energy.