Welcome to the year of the wood Dragon, 2024

You have the power.

This begins in January 2024 and ends in the Chinese year of 2024. Energy wise, the meaning of the water Dragon year means it is a good year for many of us to try new things, follow what is in their hearts with a passion and set their mind to great success with great abundance, for those that know how energy works, as we learn to work with a positive mindset and a knowing that with determination and faith, anything is possible. The dragon symbolizes self-love, power, change, and spirituality.

On a world level, not much will change unfortunately next year, on a Feng Shui level, which is all about harmony and beauty, because life for many, that do not know how to play with energy, it will be a struggle because of our chosen leaders and governments, which have a strong hold on the destructive wars still going on, creating homelessness and heartache, for so many. As for climate change, that constantly looms over us, more people will awaken and understand the seriousness of this terrible situation. On a positive note, this year teaches us not to give up, to be calm and to look spiritually inwards for answers and solutions. Prayer is a direct line the spirit world where miracles can happen. With simple meditation and visualization, we can create a better world and all our dreams, when practised on a daily basis.

2+0+2+4 =8

Thinking of a successful business? It’s time now for those wanting to move forward in their career, as this is the year for success in all your undertakings. What you put in on an energy level, will come back tenfold. Time for movement in every aspect of your life, health, wealth, relationships, and money.


‘Every day in every way, I am happy, safe and secure’

‘I have abundance in money, work, success and never go without.

‘The word is my oyster and I have abundance in everything I need.’

‘I am in a loving and joyous relationship. I no longer attract angry aggressive, toxic people and am supported by spirit always.