Arch Angel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel is the bringer of good news, leadership and hope. When I was first introduced to this energy, in meditation and trance I visualized the energy as being feminine, wearing a golden robe, over six feet tall, very loving, nurturing and gentle. I immediately felt and saw in my mind’s eye, beautiful feminine energy, with soft fair hair, large gentle blue eyes and a round attractive face. The angel also had a huge presence and the smell of lavender and gardenia was in the air. Before long she soon joined my spiritual circle of friendships and has visited me many times over the years. Others may see the energy as masculine, but one thing is the same, this is a very calming and all-consuming healing energy.

Her energy has the element of water, which is connected to the emotional body and is related to the sacral chakra, which together with our heart is where we manifest in the world. Often this energy chakra can be blocked with deep-rooted trauma, shock or past life memory call, so needs to be cleared for past life memory call, our relationships and abundance in the world. I call this energy my special magic to help me manifest whatever I may need in the physical world. When you call on this energy you will receive wisdom and love required to evolve to a higher good. It is said, the Arch Gabriel is in charge of soldier angels and revelation. Gabriel’s other contribution in the world is she ensures victory and is responsible for the extinction of nations, human, animal, or when God wills it.



Years ago, while doing a service, when working as a medium on platforms in spiritual churches around the city and beyond I always doubted myself and wanted to be better than what I was so I could deliver really good messages from spirit. After all, one never knows what is going to happen when you are standing on a platform and working with team spirit for the spirit world.  Sometimes I would feel really scared and wondered indeed if anything would come through. I should never have doubted myself because the spirit will always have messages for their loved ones on earth. After invoking this powerful angelic energy and melding my energy, my clairaudience started to improve dramatically and my mediumship began to grow because I was working from my highest good. Soon after I began to trust in the process and believe more in the gifts that I already had as I had the confidence to let go of my ego and fear, as I could feel Gabriel’s great wings, softly wrapping around my body like a protection. After a while, I enjoyed my new leadership role and feeling relaxed and not worrying about the judgment of others, I learned to listen more clearly to my spirit team that in reality do all the work. Over time, my spirit team taught me how to line the spirits up, that wanted to give messages to their loved ones in the congregation. The more I had the confidence in myself, with Gabriel’s help over time my talents got stronger, taking me into a larger arena, with the media and spirit. I no longer doubted myself, stopped listening to negative talk and avoided jealous toxic people that only, for whatever reasons wanted me to fail. For this, I am eternally grateful and I feel so happy I have such a wise and beautiful being looking after me as I have been working fully in service now for many years which happily, I am passionate about and is my destiny.


If you are attracted to this energy, the Archangel Gabriel has come to work with you. Often you may smell sweet-smelling perfume flowers, or imagine you can hear little tingling bells in the distance. Is this your imagination, no it is the presence of this great angel? This is a sign of her presence. Often in life, we may have doubt, lack of confidence, not knowing our direction, or are too scared to step up to better reality, with work, personnel relationship, or just believing in ourselves.  Often, we have been praying and asking for help, guidance, or a sign we are on the right path but nothing seems to happen. This is a message to keep going, you are already on your way, believe in yourself, and start to appreciate everything you have in your life, as everything is in divine order, showing you who you truly are. Trust and have faith as the angels are protecting and guiding you always, as they always hear our prayers.