Star People


I have channeled many beings of light from the Galactic Federation of Light, through meditation and my private seances. These beings of light are described as a group of volunteer angelic beings and aliens who have banded together to help mankind, the earth and all its inhabitants. They are not as big and powerful as angels and generally come from other galaxies, dimensions and planets but certainly have a very strong healing energy and presence. These beings of light have been with us since the beginning of time. When called upon for assistance, they will offer protection, love and assistance. There are many beings now on earth that are hybrids, souls that have lived on other planets as extra-terrestrials from psychical or non-psychical galaxies, to help with our ascension on earth. Many of us have seen ships or had encounters with alien abduction or just experiences. When you think about it, we live in a big universe so it makes sense we have intergalactic friends as well. These light beings have been protecting Earth and they are certainly keeping on what is going on, as we are starting to see more and more sightings as we move into the new earth. Many of these beings are being channeled today, especially by other star people, or hybrid souls, that have always felt like they come from another planet and we are constantly able to receive healing and insights into ourselves and our lives. These gifted souls have a very good understanding of energy and are intelligent restless souls.


As a young child I have always been attracted to the stars. I have a great interest in extra-terrestrial life and it is no surprise I began channeling star beings in my early sittings and healing groups as long as I can remember. I have always seen unusual lights in the northern sky and have been convinced these are so type of alien craft, because of the way they suddenly take off and move away. I am happy to say, my beliefs have been shared with so many people I have met over the years and it is refreshing. I also know I am a hybrid soul with my regression work, as through hypnotherapy and past life regression I have seen myself living on many alien planets, so very different from earth. Some of these lifetimes have been on crafts, not planets. I also had an alien encounter many years ago, while travelling in America in a beautiful place called Sedona. It is common knowledge, Sedona is a flight path for extra-terrestrial craft, as many have been sighted in the area which is known for having many vortexes, like Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and Cathedral Rock. I spoke to many people who showed my pictures of this. While staying in a hotel in one of the Vortexes, I had an injury, causing me a lot of pain to my back from my old nursing days and was finding it hard to hike and go for long walks in the beautiful desert terrain. Spirit has means and ways of aligning things for us mere mortals on the spiritual path and I believe we were meant to stay there. The first night we stayed there, I was awoken in the middle of the night by a loud buzzing sound, which woke me. When I opened my eyes, the room felt electric and it did not surprise me when a large light being picked me up off the bed and lifting me in the air, gave me healing. Overwhelmed, I felt myself being knocked out, very groggy, so I could not resist, so to speak and quickly fell asleep again as everything happened so fast. The next morning, I was overjoyed when I realized it wasn’t a dream, or my incredible imagination, but an intervention as I discovered I had some type of healing that completely re-aligned my back that had been sore, painful and causing me trouble for almost a year. When you sit in a trance class for years and dedicate yourself to this type of work, spirit will give you the opportunity to work with all the types of light energies, as our guides really teach us well and take care of us.

If you are drawn to this energy, perhaps you have always had a deep knowledge within or just a knowing you don’t belong or fit in with the norm. You are also very psychic and have a knowing of many things you could ever explain and a penchant for healing. You may also very restless and wanting to study, write or know more information about things on a spiritual level as you have also known with her high intelligence, you generally love to help people, yet shy away at the same time. If you have these cravings, it is time to step up and learn anything you can with healing. Many people that are hybrid souls like to stay in the background and have a big interest in technologies, involving computers and research after all you are here to help humanity as part of your soul’s purpose.

You are a unique soul and here to learn but teach others many things.