The aura is a subtle energy that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects as well. It is often described as being like a subtle electrical or magnetic energy that radiates from human beings, animals, plants, stones, machines, buildings, household objects and anything else that you can think of. Everyone can learn to see auras. It just takes patience and practice. With time, you will be able to see the many beautiful colours that radiate from the body, and if you are even keener, you can see the outline of your guides or guardian angels. Auras can vary in texture, size, quality, feel and colour in relation to the vibrational nature of each individual. We all have a basic vibrational rate that fluctuates from moment to moment as we change and develop. The size of the aura depends on the person’s state of health, energy levels, moods, thought patterns and underlying spiritual purpose.



“It is safe for me to see auras”

“I easily see and perceive full coloured auras”

“I develop and powerful healing relationship with light and colour”

“I effectively and sensitively interpret the colour, density and quality of auras”

“My auric vision brings the benefit of healing for others and myself”



Clear bright aura: healthy, good, vibrant person

Muddy: unhealthy, indicates negativity, muddled, sickness.

Red: passion, indicates anger, selfishness, hate, a quick temper, raw power and energy, revolutionary change Physical life, vitality, ambition, sexual power

Orange: sensuality and sexuality, pleasure, exercise, creativity, motivation, warmth, passion, balancing, recovery from illness, pride.

Yellow: intellectual activity, power of the mind, higher intelligence of the body, kindness

Green: balance, harmony, calmness, love, compassion, and growth

Blues: communication, healing, creativity, expression, detachment, inspiration, information,

Light Blue: the student, new learning

Turquoise: new age colour, positive spiritual growth, new opportunities are opening.

Indigo: intuition, natural psychic ability and awareness, spiritual ability, protection

Lavender: master energy, softness.

Violet: wisdom, the pathway to enlightenment, the bridge between the mind and the higher mind, the bridge from the nigher mind to the collective consciousness

Scarlet: lust, lower passions, materialism, and ego.

Pink: unconditional love, warmth, tenderness, inner child, modesty, gentleness, and selfless love, timid.

Gold: higher self, brilliance, prosperity, spiritual radiance, higher creativity, a master guide’s energy eg. Jesus, protection, harmony…

Silver: versatility, high energy, constant change, shape-shifter.

Black: depression, wisps of sadness, evil malice, sinister, low life force.

Grey: narrow minded, on imagination, conservative, depression, low energy, fear

Brown: worry, unresolved issues, selfish, materialistic, not sharing,

When there is no aura the spirit is usually ready to leave the body

Remember with and open mind and heart, the pathway of discovery is always opened for the student who works with love and light…we must always have permission from the client or the client’s Higher Self before commencing any work.



Stand client against a white wall not too brightly lit.

Scan auric field and notice qualities and characteristics, eg size shape and strength

Next ask the client to slowly count to 40 (hopefully with a happy feeling) this expands the aura

Now look for the outer white energy around the outside of the body. It will look fuzzy at first, but with practise on lowering the eyes as if you are looking down, it will become easy.

When you can see this, continue breathing slowly and feel yourself tuning into their energy.

When you have done this you will see flashes of colour.

Work around the head first, then continue going down to the shoulders and lower body.

Ask them to think of a happy thought to increase their energy size as they breathe in and out.

To decrease the energy field ask them to think of a sad event and this will almost make the aura disappear.

Often you will “see” the outline of their guide or guides standing next to them.

My guide stands on my left side, but for others this may be different.

The more you practise, the more you will see.

Enjoy and love and light Kerrie


Excerpt from THE BOOK- MEMOIRS OF A SUBURBAN MEDIUM KERRIE ERWIN. This is on Amazon and Kindle

Kerrie now has her own column in Sydney Observer.