These amazing spiritual beings bring in so much needed light, joyful feelings, strong intuition, and inspiration and leave you with you with a strong sense of wellbeing and deep peace from deep within your soul. Never for a minute think you are alone as our loved ones in spirit and angel helpers are always with us to assist us on our journey on earth. All you have to do is say a little prayer, ask for help and expect a miracle.

Angels teach us that:

       Life is not serious- laugh more

  • Creativity come from humour and letting go
  • Life is beautiful, like the colours of nature.
  • We need to bring more joy and play into our lives
  • We learn to trust loving angels and learn to trust and love ourselves
  • Angels make life happier and easier and let us know that we are never alone.
  • An angel is a guardian and messenger from heaven and can be called upon at all times for help.
  • Angels do not control us as they love everyone unconditionally.


There are many ways to recognise the presence of angels through the auditory senses. Some of them include:

Voices singing in the distance

Sweet tingling bells or chimes

For myself, I always imagine Christmas carols in my mind and this sensation always puts a smile on my face, no matter how I am feeling.


Angels also let us know they are here by our sides through the sense of smell as they always have a very pleasant sweet fragrance like roses or jasmine.

Personal angels are integrated with our higher selves; they act as guides and teachers.

Guardian Angels are with us always. We all have one guardian angel on earth who is with you all of the time.

Can you think of a story to share where you have experienced the love, support and miracles of your own guardian angel? I have had many of these amazing experiences and it is because I am simply aware and believe.

Always trust, hope, and have faith that your guardian angel is always with you and you believe it or not are never alone. Angels are different to spirit guides who come and go in our lives.

Spiritual GUIDES

We also have our own loving spirit guides to teach us lessons and help us on our journey. When we learn to go deep within and learn to still the mind and mediate this is possible and quite easy over time. Over time you will find that your own guides are your best teachers and not other people.

Spiritual guides come from a myriad of light realms and cultures and live in another dimension, an arms lengths away like our loved ones that have passed over. They are matched up with you because they also have similar interests and a similar purpose as you.

1)    Native Americans: mother earth, Indian artefacts etc

2)    Zen Buddhist: losing your ego, and just being

3)    Florence Nightingale:  spirit guides,  here for service and health

4)    Celtic: elemental kingdom, gnomes, sylphs, undines- water fairies, salamanders, kings and queens, Merlin, mystics

5)    Star seeds: space, planets, not feeling at home, fitting in or belonging.

These are just a few examples as there are many more. Remember that our guides never leave us; they may change due to our spiritual vibration.

I myself have an Indian guide called White feather who is my main guide or what you call “gate keeper”. This loving being is always with me and helps me with my mediumship.

My other guides are Romanoff my stage guide, helps me connect to loved ones in the spirit world, Cassandra an angel, Margaret, Dr Lee (he came in with the Reiki), Red Hawk, (this amazing being comes in with his horse, Three of one, (A star guide that has shown me symbols to help with healing and the mischievous Erin (a tiny water undine elemental) and a few others who come and go.

In my private séances I have a small boy called Johnny who is my spirit contact and helps bring in the spirit children

Each of my guides has a purpose and we all work together as what I call Team Spirit. Not only can I hear them through trance, but also I can sense them always when I am working as we are a team and my good friends are always of assistance and help.

On many occasions I have also channelled Jesus, Mary, St Germaine and many more wonderful masters.

When I started channelling the master Jesus, who comes with forgiveness and unconditional love, it was easy to forgive everyone who hurt me in my life. The energy taught me to move on.

I have also had help from Betty Shine and Doris Stokes, both wonderful mediums in their time.

Angels can also be used as healers and rescuers, eg Archangel Michael (my favourite- the big bouncer of the Arch Angels and great to use of assistance when getting rid of earth bound spirits.)  The other three Arch Angels are Uriel , Raphael, and Gabriel. There are also many more angels to help us. All we have to do is remember to thank them for helping us in our lives.


This is all about recording sayings, eg excerpts from books, articles that inspire you, about happiness, lightness and just beautiful things or moments that just happen.

Make time as well to have an angel goal sheet which includes dates as well. (Eg I call upon the angel of friendship to help me meet new and exciting people from my soul group)

Often when I read over these journals and am given small insights I have channelled myself, I am often amazed and understand I am still a student of spirit, as there is still so much to learn when working with the wonderous Spirit World.


Messengers of Light by Terry Taylor

Messages from the Angels by Doreen Virtue

Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer