Diamond Circle of Light 11 March 2015

Message from Romanov

Good Evening and welcometo this circle… The Diamond Circle of Light.   We welcome the newest member here.   We welcome you dear child.   We have been watching you…  I new you would come.    This is a time for expansion, not only for you my dear but also for everyone.  We are warriors of the light, here to help many people.   If you stay on the line of integrity and if you come from your heart you will be looked after in many ways, more than one.   Understand this… there is much darkest on this planet now, wars, terrorism and also among us are so called psychics or spiritual light workers that are only coming from ego.  They will not succeed.  They will test you.  We are all being tested my friends, every single day. When the energy moves into the month of April Easter, there will be eclipse and a surge, an up surge of peaceful energy and great harmony.  In this time tune yourself intoalignmentwith these Master energies.  Easter time is a good period for you to sort out differences in your life.  People that are no longer on your vibration will leave you my friends.


You need to ask the spirits to materialize themselves to you and you need to ask for proof.  We are here constantly working on all your energies and working on you ears chakras right now, can you feel this?There will be an up surge of energy in here tonight.  This is due to the electrical storm that we are having outside.  There will be difficulty with some of the electrical equipment.   You may need to turn them off. 

No question tonight.

Thank you


In tonight phenomena we had spirit materialize themselves to us.  We could feel our ears chakras being worked on.   We had lovely messages from our love ones.   Johnny had a few messages and secrets to tell.   Elvis came in for a chat and told us if we were to play some of his music he would come in more and also our table that sits in the middle of our circle was kept spinning by Johnny and the kids.