Whenever there is evidence of an earth bound spirit in the home, the natural energy or Chi, overtime will be undoubtedly be affected as the atmosphere will feel heavy and gradually will build up like a dark, gloomy cloud of stagnant, dull and thick energy, drain everything around it and cause imbalance and havoc in the home. Overtime, the confused earth bound spirits, living in the wrong dimension, and not understanding it is dead,will cause problems overtime and it will be impossible for even the harshest of nonbelievers and critics not to notice anything at all. As you will have things disappearing or being moved around the room, unrealistic musky smells, strange sounds, like knocking or loud footsteps, electrical and plumbing problems and coldness and chills in rooms no matter how hard you heat them.

After completing the job of Spirit Rescue in my client’s home or space, I will always with my assistant, Bill the dowser, smoke the home with dried gum leaves and sage to restore any imbalance with the energies in the home. Once we have done this if there are any lost souls hiding in between dimensions they will literally pop out where they are detected and sent off immediately. If you can imagine a person’s aura when there has been ill health or sickness, a home or space is the same.

In most cases though people that ring me to come and help them know for a fact they have something in their house of a Supernatural nature and are usually very keen and grateful for me to come as soon as possible. I usually tell them to smoke the home with sage or gum leaves for seven days before I get there so it is easier for me to do the spirit rescue, as this process numbs the unwanted spirit and makes it sick. Sometimes if they are lucky the spirit will go on its own accord after the sagging but if not they have to wait for me to come to convince the spirit it is not welcome, it is dead and needs to cross over to the spirit world where loved ones are waiting for them.

In some cases I have come across in homes and offices, there may also occur etheric (outer layer of the dimensional structure of the energy of the room) damage or some type of tear or rip in the natural energy of the space or room, where the lost soul has been residing, creating unnecessary vortex’s. If this is the case it is usually necessary to do a healing on the room, to close the open vortexes down because the lost souls will use this as a gateway to come and go to the two dimensions, the spirit world and ours. If this is not closed down, the lost soul will keep coming back. In the case of several earth bound spirits in a space there will always be damage so this procedure is always used. Why this happens is when you have several earth bound spirits hanging around their will always be a natural disturbance to the natural energy. If the client does not live local I quite often will remove the lost souls over the phone on load speaker and give instructions afterwards to clear up any debris or negative energy still lingering in the space. I do this often with clients or real-estate agents in other states if they cannot get a sale or rent with great success.


Tom and Jeff owned an older building in the city that was used for their garden business. From the moment they moved in they had ongoing problems and were convinced their building was unlucky. No matter how hard they tried to get their business going nothing worked, which was unusual as the business was profitable before they moved to the new building. After they spent a great lot of money on hiring a Feng Sui specialist from China, everything seemed to go well for a while, but within a year the business went down again and nothing they did seemed to help to improve the energy. In the end they put the business on the market and called me as a last resort to try and get the business to sell. Once there I could not help but notice all the little artifacts the specialist had put around the place to bring in better chi Without being disrespectful to the master Feng Sui expert, this put a little smile on my face as obviously this had not made any difference in this case and it made me sad to think how much money they had spent. Finally going down to the basement of the building I found out the real reason why nothing was working for the two men. Huddled together in a tiny cupboard in wall were five wretched lost souls or spirits that had been burnt and killed in a terrible fire that had destroyed the building, many years ago. For some reason they had not passed over to the spirit world and were trapped and terrified in a time warp. The building in its heyday was a boarding home and a terrible fire had destroyed everything and burnt it to the ground.  Overcome with emotion, I started to cry; as I could feel the pain and sadness these poor souls had suffered. Once I got myself together again, I said the Lord’s Prayer, told the lost souls it was safe for them to leave and within minutes they were all gone. Immediately the energy in the room changed and when I asked Tom, who just stood watching me with a horrified look on his face, if there had been a fire in the building he told me I was correct and just nodded. Apparently, according to the history of the place, there had been one many years ago, many people had died and the building had been re-built. Within two weeks of the spirit rescue, Tom and Jeff’s building sold for the exact money they had hoped for.


Through my own experience and many years of working in the spirit realm, the earth bound spirit (or lost soul) living our dimension, (not living spirits that are visiting and connected to our love) also needs our energy to survive and function and will often what I call, suck our energy dry, that is why people often complain they feel tired or sick all the time when they stay for too long in a certain room where there is an earth bound spirit.

These unwelcomed and confused spirits often also affect pets, children and the family will suffer most likely from continual unwellness and cold and flues.  Quite often work is affected with renovations there will be delays, if the home is up for sale it will be impossible to rent or sell and believe it or not people will often complain that their business will go down in some way and it is when there is evidence of an earth bound spirit. If people only listened to their own feelings of things not feeling right, gave their place a good sage and later enlisted the help of a good medium that can do the work, things will almost automatically return to normal. I can’t remember how many people that have thanked me once I have cleared their home and they have been able to get on with their lives. This will always without a doubt make life tough which makes life tough and everything is on hold, as if you are living in a time warp. My clients are always grateful for this extra bit of information and usually cannot wait to get things going again in their lives, which have usually been because of the blocked and fractured energy, on hold.