The Burning Bed

Excerpt from Spirits Whispering in my Ear- available on Amazon and Kindle

One day I received a phone call from one of my clients, a businessman I had met at a conference who had just bought a place in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Larry was a hard-working man in his early 50s, who had just relocated from the US. He had his own company, travelled a lot and was looking forward to living in the new home he had just purchased. He was married to a wonderful woman and they had two children. As a lifelong intuitive himself, Larry was very interested in the work I did and was keen for me to come and tune into his new home and give it my blessing. Larry had phoned me to ask if I could come over and clear the space in his home. He also wanted me to check for any earthbound spirits and negative energy that may have been hanging around. From what I could pick up on the phone, the home sounded very grand and I was excited to see it. Larry sounded as enthusiastic as always, but I could tell by the tone of his voice that something was definitely amiss. Underneath the merriment, my intuition was screaming at me, telling me things were not good at all and that my friend was troubled and unhappy. But I could not quite put my finger on the problem as yet.

When I arrived at Larry’s, he welcomed me warmly and invited me into his enormous three-story home. As we sat down in the kitchen, he offered me a coffee and we sat and chatted about what we had both been doing. My sixth sense had been correct about him being out of sorts, because I could tell just by watching him tapping his foot on the chair leg that he was not his usual self. He seemed troubled and withdrawn and I could see dark rings around his eyes, making me think perhaps he hadn’t been sleeping properly for a few days, or had something heavy hanging on his mind. When I asked him what was wrong, he just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t know. He was excited by the beautiful new home but that this was overshadowed by an uneasiness and anxiety he couldn’t explain. From the moment I stepped onto the property, I did not get a good feeling myself. The house, though very grand on the outside, seemed to me to feel lonely, creepy and sad. It did not feel welcoming at all, and I shuddered and crossed my arms to protect myself when I felt the coldness emanating from the property slip into my consciousness. As soon as I stepped through the front door and into the hallway, the sadness I was sensing became overwhelming and seemed to follow me through into the kitchen where we had our coffee. This worried me straight away as something wasn’t right and it was my job to get to the bottom of it. Keeping my thoughts to myself and not wanting to upset Larry too much with my observations, I finished drinking my coffee and started to scan the home. With Larry at my side, we walked around the home. I felt really bad, because I did not have it in me to say I loved his new home. The whole house made me feel uneasy and it was obvious my first impressions were right. The house had an odd feeling weird and unwelcoming. Larry, who had gone quiet, must have already picked up on what I was feeling and just followed me sheepishly, waiting to see what I said. It did not take me long to work out the problem because as soon as I stepped into the master bedroom, the energy became thick, dense and extremely depressing. Scanning the room, I could sense straight away there were definitely no earth-bound spirits in the home but there was a lot of dark, negative energy, especially in the spot where Larry and his wife slept. Without saying much, I silently opened myself up. Then I began to psychically pick up the sounds of screaming and yelling coming from implanted memory in the walls. Mediums commonly have this ability for and may use the process when following up murders and other violent events, as everything has its own vibration and will leave a trace. When I told Larry what I had heard, he looked at me dumbfounded for a while. Then he admitted that I was correct, as the couple he had bought the house from, as far as he could work out, must have been always fighting. Larry told me the man had been nearly impossible to make a deal with and his wife was always yelling in the background whenever Larry’s solicitor had spoken to them on the phone in the days during the exchange of contracts. When it came the time for them to sign, the man was aggressive and unpleasant to deal with. My intuition told me this problem was most certainly left behind by the last owners. The energy we were experiencing was their negative residue. I could not help but wonder how Larry managed to sleep in the room at all as I nearly doubled over with the effects of the toxic energy. I have seen this time and time again, and I always encourage people to clear the energy in their new homes as soon as they move in, so not to be affected by the energy of the former inhabitants. The most effective way of doing this is by clearing the home of old energies by ‘smoking’ with sage leaves. Larry must have picked up my thoughts because, without me having to say a word, he began to blurt out all the problems he was having since his family moved in. He complained that he and his wife kept arguing and could not agree on anything. In the meantime, she had returned to the States to visit her sick mother and had taken the children with her. Before she had left, she had moved into another bedroom on the far side of the house and they had not been speaking. He was heartbroken and did not know what to do to fix the relationship. He said he loved his wife very much and could not believe how everything had suddenly become so bad. I told Larry not to worry and reassured him the problem that was presenting itself was easy to fix, but it was up to him, on his wife’s return to get his marriage in order. “Don’t worry, Larry, everything is going to be all right,” I said, gently patting his back. Something very bad has gone on here before you came along, most probably before you even bought the house. I can also pick up that there was a lot of violence in this room because I can hear crying and screaming from the walls. The old energy is still here in the room. It will take me a while to clear it, but once I do my job, you will love this beautiful old home.” Not knowing what to say, Larry just stared at me blankly, a look of complete misery on his usual businesslike mask. I could not help but think how sensitive this man really was and how much he must really love his wife. “It is no bloody wonder everything went crazy,” Larry said. “As soon as Lizzie and I moved in with the kids, we have not been able to stop fighting. We don’t even talk anymore.” Looking around, he started to cry again, wiping his tears away. “I just want everything to go back to how it was before we even lived in this horrible place,” he sniffed, taking out a hanky and loudly blowing his nose. “I will try and get you out of this mess by getting rid of the energy, but the rest is up to you,” I replied, quite determined to make the situation right. “After all, this is my work and I will do my best to make it all good again.”

“Thank you, Kerrie,” he said softly. “I knew you were the right person to help.”

When I ‘sweep’ a house, by tuning into its energy, the home will often talk to me so I can pick up on the vibration. I have also found that if you have trouble selling a house, all you have to do is ‘talk’ to the house and it will tell you everything you need to know. You need to thank your home for looking after you but talk to it and be firm that you do want to leave. Let the house know in a loving way that some nice people will come and buy it after you and will enjoy living there. This strategy always works for me. Standing in Larry’s bedroom, I brought down the white light, which is pure, loving energy, and wrapped it around myself for protection.

As soon as I did this, I could sense the full impact of the dark energy in the room. It felt sad, lonely and extremely cold. My guide told me what I already knew, that it had manifested from the last couple that had owned the house. My guide went on to confirm my first impression that it was playing havoc with Larry’s relationship with his wife and was hell-bent on destroying the love between them. Saying a prayer, I brought down a beacon of pure, loving light and, in my mind, made a portal in the ceiling of the room. This was opened to activate the release of the ugly energy stuck in the room that was causing all the problems. By doing this, I could energetically push all the old energy out through the portal, where it would be sent off for healing and transmutation.

Once this was done, I would flood the room with healing light then I would close the vortex of energy and finish the clearing by burning some sage just to make sure all the negative residues were gone, once and for all. As I made the vortex of light, I commanded in the name of God that any evil or black energy that had been trapped in the room should leave immediately. As I loudly chanted the Lord’s Prayer, Larry watched silently as the energy weaved its way up into the vortex of light and disappeared. The leftover energy, which would not go into the light, was sent into the earth, where I grounded it deep into mother Gaia in the earth’s core.

Evil, dark or thick black energy will often be impossible to send into white loving energy so it is best grounded back into the earth for the nature spirits to heal. In my experience so far, dark energy is thicker and colder than loving white energy. It is sinister and malevolent, and feeds on cruelty, fear and violence. You can feel it where there have been murders or wherever there has been violence, such as suicides or aggression of any description. No matter how many times I come across this energy, I find it is still frightening to work with as it is pure evil, and feeds on people’s fear. As most of the energy passed into the vortex, I could psychically still hear crying and shouting, which made me want to shiver. Soon, all the dark energy had drained from the room. When I had finished, I lit more grandfather sage, and started again to sweep the room with the smoke. Placing the smoldering sage in a bowl, I continued to sweep the room, even wafting the smoke inside cupboards and wardrobes where negative energy might have been trapped or be in hiding. When I had finished cleansing the room, I placed the bowl of smoking sage very carefully in the middle of the bed so it could gently keep burning until the energy in the room was completely clear. This would ensure the smoke has enough time to do its work. As I did this, I told Larry we should quickly check the other rooms again, just to make sure everything was fine. As far as I was concerned, the bowl with the sage would be safe and by the time we got back everything would be back to normal again. Walking around the rest of the house I double-checked all the rooms, making sure everything felt good by scanning each room with my third eye and checking in with my guides. After I had finished, I stood chatting to Larry in the hallway telling him everything was looking good. He seemed pleased and more relaxed now, and told me he was glad of my help and could not wait to get things back into order. I also suggested some quick Feng Shui tips to add to his career and relationship section of the home that would improve relationships generally. I suggested rearranging the furniture to improve the energy as well. He laughed when I said this and explained that his wife had suggested the same thing before she took off to the States.

As we made our way back to the master bedroom on the other side of the house, we could both see thick, grey smoke coming out of the room. Horrified, Larry and I looked at each other and ran back into the room, now full of suffocating smoke. Somehow, the glass bowl in which the sage stick had been slowly burning had exploded and burst into flames, the embers landing on the sheets and blankets on the bed. Screaming, we quickly opened the windows and grabbed the burning bedding and threw it outside, where it landed on the lawn below. Then we both ran outside and grabbed the hose and put out the fire that, unbelievably, continued to burn.

In all my years of clearinghouses and working with sage, I have only twice experienced anything like that before. Not knowing what to say, we both looked at each other and started to laugh hysterically. We must have carried on laughing our heads off for a good 20 minutes or so before we could stop and catch our breath. The whole thing seemed extremely funny. Larry may have lost some sheets and blankets but, at the end of the day, the bedroom was undamaged. He was convinced he had just saved his marriage. After we had finished rolling around the ground laughing, I apologized and offered to pay for the damaged blankets and sheets, which were now strewn across the front lawn.