Easter time in the mountains

Easter has always been an important time for me in my busy life. Although it I a peaceful, serene time, it is also great to share it with the people you most love and care for, as the energy is very healing. I usually take time out in nature and this can be anywhere in the fresh air such as the seaside or the mountains, or a long trip far away from the madding crowds. As we go into this special time, it is a good opportunity to simply sit back, relax and observe where you see yourself in the scheme of things. Once you have done this or made a list of what you no longer need any further in your life, or what does not serve you any longer, then it’s time to just let it all go. This can include an old friendship that may have worn out its contract or old relationship that has been going wrong. Or maybe you have a closet jam-packed with worn clothes that have been sitting there for ages, just waiting for the day when they will perhaps fit again. Are you holding a grudge that does not serve anyone? Is there a creative venture that you are always thinking of doing but never actually begun? The list can go on and on. Once you have made one, you can now simply make the choice to make your life easier by just letting go of everything you no longer need or want to carry. Then you can move onto something new that suits your vibration. On a personal level, I love Easter as I always see it as a chance to get my own life back on course by going in to find my personal ‘power time’ to make the choices with boundaries and get my priorities straight. Miracles can happen in the way you want to live your life. The choices you make can take you to another level, which can be extremely rewarding.

Christmas, on the other hand, is a much more frenetic time. It is a healing time, too, but the energies are quite different in comparison to Easter. Christmas certainly is the crazy season as it has everybody running around madly and becoming irritated with one another. In my opinion it is a good time to just stay home and lock the door, as the energy can be not only confrontational but also quite draining. It always makes me laugh when my husband suggests without fail every year at this special time to that we just book a plane and get out of town, as there is so much stress. There may also be pressure with family members, everyone’s differing expectations and stupid arguments when things go wrong. I should know because this has always been traditionally one of my busiest periods as a practicing medium. There are also many deaths as souls often decide to pass over at Christmas and there are also a high number of suicides.

One Easter, my husband and I decided to take a trip away. We had just finished polishing all the floors in our home, which was exhausting as renovating can be. It was time to reward ourselves and just get away while the floors were drying. We wanted to spend some quality time together, so we thought about bushwalking, as it is something we always enjoy when the weather is cooler in the autumn months.

We had both been working hard all year and knew we needed time to reconnect, have some time out and talk about the things that we needed to do in our lives that we thought were important to us both. As we both love nature, we decided to go to the Blue Mountains, as it is such a beautiful place to just get away to relax and take leisurely bush walks, while absorbing the surrounding beauty. Also, it is full of quirky little shops, lovely cafes, restaurants and interesting people. My daughters promised to look after the cats, and I knew my wild bush turkey, Zeppelin, would survive a few days without bread, which I am ashamed to say I should not have been giving him anyway. He was probably being fed at other places, however, as he was becoming quite fat, so I wasn’t too worried. Over the years, because we live so close to a national park, we have always attracted many wild birds and creatures. These included a noisy crow family, numerous varieties of owls and a collection of colorful parrots that destroy the wood on our roof. Once we decided to take the trip away, we packed our overnight bags, flung our walking shoes in the back of the car and headed off to the mountains. The hotel we had booked into was beautiful, an older establishment that must have been very grand in its heyday. As we drove into the grounds, we stopped the car and admired the beautiful gardens that were perfectly manicured around the old estate. Smiling at each other, we could hardly believe our eyes as we gazed out of the car window. Behind the estate was a canopy of Australian bush, acres of wild forest and rugged landscapes, all just waiting to be discovered. After checking into the hotel, we were politely ushered to our ground floor room by a sweet young girl who gave us a quick run down about the building as she helped us to our room. Thanking the friendly young woman, I closed the door behind her and began to automatically tune in to the energy of our room to check for any old or negative energy that may have been left behind by previous guests or spirits. This is a habit and mandatory for me because whenever I stay in strange places, no matter how lovely the place is on first appearance, things may sometimes change. I also find it difficult to sleep in strange places other than my own bed. I always do my ‘psychic check-in’, no matter where we go in the world. I have always been the same ever since I was a kid. It drives my husband, family and every friend I have ever had in the world nuts but that is just the way I am wherever I go. If I could just pop myself back into my own bed at night, like the genie in the bottle, after a full day wherever I might be staying, I would be overjoyed. I have always loved to travel, and explore and experience the different aromas, tastes, themes and cultures of many countries in the world. But when it comes to night time I just want to ‘beam’ myself back to the safety of my own home and bed. This probably goes back to when I was a child and had to stay at my grandmother’s house, which was full of annoying spirits that just used to hang around and watch everything that ever went on. Even palming me off at relatives’ places didn’t work in those days. No matter how hard I tried to block it out, I could always ‘sense’ and feel underlying currents from members of the household.

This would all end up in tears, with the relatives asking what was wrong with me and describing me as an “annoying highly strung child!” As soon as we finished our walk both my husband and I decided where we would dine that night. We had been walking for what seemed like hours and were now feeling famished, so we couldn’t wait to try the local cuisine. Most of the restaurants we had been to before in the mountain area had always been exceptional, but it was getting late and we were both feeling tired and weary from the day. After a discussion, we soon decided we would just clean up and eat upstairs instead. After my husband finished his shower, I decided I would take a long leisurely beauty bath before dinner. If there is one thing I love most in the world, it is a welcoming warm bath after a long bushwalk to soak up all the aches and pains from the day. No sooner had I climbed into the deep, warm and relaxing water, to my dismay I began to feel the presence of ‘spirit energy’ appear out of nowhere, in the corner of the small bathroom. At first I thought I must have been imagining it, or going mad, but I knew there was a spirit in the room. One of the downfalls of being a medium is that we seem to have a natural built-in radar or light that attracts unwelcome spirits that just seem to want to hang around or let us know that they are there.

They seem to be able to sense this light and can come from miles away just to annoy us. I think this particular spirit must have died in the hotel or been a visitor himself when he was alive. Spirits like to congregate in places where there are a lot of people. It is uncommon to find a ghost or spirit in a lonely house, as they love the ‘energy’. That would be right, I thought to myself, feeling really annoyed. The last thing I wanted was some perving spirit to stand in the room and watch me in my bath. Trust the spirit world to find me in the hotel and track me down in the bath, of all places. I was supposed to be on holidays. So much for my romantic weekend away, I thought angrily, not amused in the least. I should have put a sign up to the spirit world to say I was on holiday, I thought sarcastically. Even though I had scanned the room, the spirit in question must have sensed I was in the hotel and was curious to check me out so they just decided to ‘pop’ in for a visit. Refusing to budge from my conscious decision to just ignore the spirit in question, I closed my eyes, slid deeper down into the welcoming bubbles of the bath and just hoped it would just go away. Unfortunately his did not help much. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, I could feel the spirit energy getting stronger by the minute and the temperature getting colder and colder, until I could almost sense a slight outline of a male spirit from the corner of my eye hovering in the corner of the room. Suddenly my whole head was buzzing with psychic energy and my nose, which sniffs out any psychic phenomena anywhere, began to get extremely ‘tingly’ and itchy, no matter how many times I tried to wet it and blow it under the water. Then, without any warnings my solar plexus, my energy Centre above the navel (or my ghost-busting horn, as I affectionately call it), began to open and started to automatically go into overdrive, making me burp, which is always a sign without a doubt that spirit energy is present. The game was up. The spirit knew now for sure that I had a guest. “Here we go,” I muttered. “Trust me to attract a damned spirit on my day off and completely naked in the bathtub,” I growled, as I sat up in the bath clutching for the towel to wipe my wet face that had been blowing bubbles under the water for what seemed like ages. My unwelcome friend probably lived somewhere else in the hotel and knew a medium like yours truly was on the premises and decided to come and pay a little visit. It was too bad for me if I was not ready, as the spirit world has an agenda to do things in their own time. Not impressed in the least and irate as hell for being disturbed, I quickly grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped it around me, trying desperately to cover all my private parts and bits and pieces. I must have looked a sorry sight to the curious spirit, but it did not seem to care and just hovered menacingly in the corner of the room. Slowly it made its presence felt by moving even closer into my energy field so I knew it was there and realized that it had no intentions at this point of going anywhere else. Outside the bathroom door, I could now hear the football blasting from the television and my husband starting to move around. He must have woken up from his little nap as I could hear him helping himself to a beer and a few tubs of nuts that were in the small fridge near the bed. He had absolutely no idea in the world that I was having a stand off with a spirit in the bathroom while he happily enjoyed himself next door.Just thinking this made it all seem rather hilarious and I could not help but let out a large laugh, because if there is one thing my husband totally dislikes its spirits or ghost talk. I could just imagine what he would do if I told him there was a spirit in the bathroom. He would probably freak right out, want to go home or not want to go to the toilet, shower or brush his teeth, for the rest of our stay.After I finished my little giggle, I took a deep breath, clutched the towel tightly around my body and gently closed my eyes. AsI did this I ‘psychically’ tuned into the spirit’s energy to find out what it wanted and what the hell it was doing there in the room while I was sitting in the bath naked. The weirdest thing was that no matter how hard I tried to communicate, the stubborn spirit in question would not answer me. It ignored everything I said and kept moving around the room like a nuisance. Usually when I open up a dialogue with a spirit, I can hear them talking because of my clairaudient abilities and they will always tell metelepathically what they want, or whether they are earth-bound(a spirit that’s confused and that does not know it is dead, quite different to the most spirits that pass over when they die). But this spirit was giving me nothing and refused to connect with me in any way. It was beginning to be a pain and I was not up for games. The last thing I wanted was a mischievous spirit watching me all weekend every time I went to the toilet or decided to have a bath or a shower.“What have we got here?” I muttered. “Trust me to attract a spirit that did not want to listen to anything I had to say or want to make contact. “How annoying,” I sighed, having spent about 20 minutes making futile attempts to try to make the spirit tell me what it wanted. “Why don’t you just get lost then, you stupid spirit,” I said. “And if you have nothing to say, please knock next time you want to perve,” I muttered, throwing my towel on the floor, ready to leave.

But as soon as I opened the door, the spirit disappeared.“And good riddance to you too,” I huffed, when I realized myunwelcome guest had finally left. As far as I was concerned, thatwas the end of the matter. I would sooner forget the whole sagaand, if I were lucky, the pesky spirit would find someone else tobother instead. I had no time for silly games, and by now wasreally hungry and cold at the same time. I just wanted to goand eat something, and enjoy the rest of the evening with myhusband, who was probably starting to wonder whether I haddrowned in the bath. If the spirit wanted to make contact itwould just have to wait his turn, as there were other things thatwere far more important than a lonely lost spirit that wanted toplay games. The spirit world would just have to wait this timeuntil I was good and ready!

After a delicious dinner and a few glasses of Frenchchampagne, the spirit was quickly forgotten. It had been a reallylong day and my husband and I were utterly exhausted. Afterrelaxing by the hotel dining room fire for a good hour, we bothbegan to feel weary from the long day and decided to head backto the room to sleep. My eyes were beginning to close and all Icould think about was the comfort of the lovely soft bed back in our room.I must have dozed off for what seemed like just a couple ofminutes, then to my horror I was suddenly awakened with aterrible fright that scared the living daylights out of me. Confusedand half asleep, I opened my eyes wide and screamed at the topof my lungs when I saw and felt the same angry spirit man lyingon top of me, pressing my head and neck into the pillow, with itsweight almost suffocating me and making it almost impossibleto breathe. My husband, who was lying next to me in a deepsleep, jumped out of the bed startled by my scream. Shaking likea leaf, he asked me if I was OK, and not wanting to scare himanymore, I told him I had just had a nightmare and apologized sorry for waking him up and suggested he just went back tosleep. I didn’t want to worry the poor man, so I muttered someencouraging words about the so-called bad dream I had andwithout another word, he climbed back wearily under the doonaand was soon fast asleep.

Clearly, the mischievous and unpleasant spirit had decided to come back and teach me some type of lesson. It was obviously confused and was trying to get my attention. Whatever the reason, I was not impressed by this psychic attack and would deal with the spirit in the morning. I was too tired to think and too annoyed and shaken to do anything about it anyway so I decided just to wrap some white light all around the bed and room till the morning. This meant the spirit man would have not a chance in the world to get anywhere near me for the rest of the night. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before and was angry with myself that it hadn’t occurred to me before going off to sleep. If I had known the spirit was going to return, I would have protected myself better.As far as the spirit man was concerned, he had vanished as quickly as we had awakened and was now somewhere else hiding in the ether. I would deal with him in the morning. Still feeling shaken and completely wired, I lay back down in the bed,placed my head on the pillow and tried desperately to go back to sleep. It took a while, but after some slow deep breathing I was back in the dream world, forgetting all about my whole nasty experience. This is not the first time I have had an experience like this.In the past, growing up as a young girl, I used to get psychically attacked all the time and it used to leave me really shaken until I learned to protect myself with the white light. This is the energy of the Christ consciousness and is pure unconditional love. It is the most powerful energy in the world and once I started to use it on a daily basis my life turned around forever.From my understanding passed on by my own loving guides that I work with, spirit people and earth-bound spirits seem to do this when they want your attention. It is one way of letting you know that they are around. In my own home I can control what is happening as I am constantly clearing the energy and people who come into my space say how lovely and relaxing the atmosphere is. I certainly had no idea or even thought for a minute that the hotel we were staying in would be full of spirits but I should have known better. My common sense should have told me it was probably built over another old building where the spirit may have lived at one stage of his life. I should have known better, though, because old places always have a history.Earth-bound spirits are those that have not crossed over to the other side. Sometimes they will stay where they have died or ‘haunt’ a familiar place that they know well as they love lots of human activity. I have never seen an earth-bound spirit hanging around in a lonely place like a funeral parlor just for the fun of it. Once the spirit has had its own funeral, if they are earth-bound they will usually move on to where there is more human activity because they are attracted to energy. Also these spirits will often stay in the home they once knew and lived in sometimes because they do not know that they are dead and the place is familiar to them.Whatever was going on, this spirit was now trying as hard as he could to get my attention and what a good job he had done!

On the other hand, ‘living spirits’ will always stay connected to our love and, in most cases, usually wait until after their own funeral. I know this because it is quite common for me to hear this when I get in contact with a loved one. Also, I don’t know how many times I have seen spirits appearing at their own funeral, either standing next to the coffin or sitting in the congregation. The next morning, over breakfast as I sipped my hot cup of tea, my mind kept going over and over the fact that I had not sensed anything at all when I first entered the room. My husband could see I was distracted and just assumed I was having a ‘bad hair day’ from my nightmare of the night before. He decided he was going to take a quick trip down the road and would return in an hour or so. I told him I would take a rest in our room and when he got back we would go for another walk. While he was gone I went back to the room to deal with our unfriendly visitor.This time he was going up the chute to spirit land, whether he liked it or not. I was in no mood to play any more games and was ready for him. The spirit in question would not even know what he was in for.

As soon as I got back to our room, I could sense the spiri tenergy. It was stronger this time and I had the distinct feeling that my spirit friend must have been waiting for me. Wrapping myself in white light, I felt the spirit man watching me again as he hovered in the corner of the room. I sat down on the bed and opened myself up, calling in all my guides for assistance.Bringing down a column of pure white loving energy, I opened a portal in the corner of the room. Once I had done this, I gently called on the spirit man to cross over into the light, telling him it was time to go because he was dead and he had no place here on Earth any longer. I told him it was time for him to cross over.I asked him to open his eyes so he could see the beautiful light

I had opened up so he could go to where his loved ones on the other side were waiting for him to come home. Once there, I explained that he would feel well and safe, and that nothing bad was going to happen to him.As I said this, I felt full of emotion because I could feel the beautiful loving energy filling the room and it made me sad that this spirit had been stuck for so long in a world where nothing made sense any more. It took a while, but not long after, he appeared again and let me see him out of the corner of my eye. The outline was stronger this time and I could almost make out the silhouette of an old spirit man. The funny thing was that this time he was not alone, as I could see another spirit standing next to him.It looked like what I can only describe as a female spirit, as the energy was lighter. I also heard him say that he had gone and fetched his partner. Without another word and with no explanation, both spirits suddenly jumped into the portal of light and were gone, vanishing forever from the room. All that remained were some tiny sparkles, glistening in the area where they had been standing.It all seemed to make sense to me now. No wonder he was angry with me because it was obvious he had no intention of leaving without the other spirit, who must have been his wife.How I was supposed to know this I will never know. More importantly, the job was now done and everyone was happy,including myself. I am glad I did not know the spirit man in real life, as I can imagine he must have been quite bossy.

Excerpt from Spirits Whispering in my Ear