Create a sacred space to meet your guide

Creating a sacred space in your home or in nature would be ideal for meditation. It is a space which you can call your own, where you feel safe and secure and where no one can interrupt you. If you make an effort to meditate at the same time every day you will get better results as you are making a commitment and date with your own loving guide and your link will be stronger


  1. Find a small table or bench in your home.
  2. Now decorate it lovingly with fresh flowers, pictures, statues, crystals, rocks, shell, feathers, statues, pictures, icons, incense burner, candles or whatever suits you’re fancy.
  3. Now ask your guide and spirit helpers to join you as you create this special beautiful work of art.
  4. Working with incense or essential oils will create a special ambience as well.
  5. Write down everything you want in your life, describing in great detail and give yourself dates. Place this on your alter. For an extra Feng Shui tip, buy red candles for all your wishes and don’t forget when they are finished, to buy new ones. White candles may be placed on the alter for Spirit and the higher consciousness levels, including the Arch angels.


This is an ideal place to connect to the divine source and to help you go within. It can be in the bush, beach or just in a beautiful garden full of flowers and trees. By working in nature we can also get help from the elemental kingdom, which are tiny nature spirits that have been with us on earth since the beginning of time. There are four elemental types and these include.

The undines – beautiful water spirits, graceful little creatures that live around rocky pools, winged beings called fairies.

The air spirits called Sylphs- butterflies, beetles, and winged creatures. These   are tiny spirits full of ideas and inspiration.

The salamanders – fire sprites e.g. fire flies.

The earth spirits – gnomes, goblins elves and pixies.

Once we are able to utilise our own sacred space we can just simply connect to the source, by surrounding ourselves with white light, saying a small prayer, and then closing our eyes and opening up to the energies around us and within.


Find a quiet and lovely place by the sea

Sit or lie on the sand, with your eyes closed in a comfortable position     

Now connect with your breath, breathing in tree times. In through your nose and out through your mouth, until you reach a steady pace.

As you continue to breath, surrender of any old attachments, negativity, or bad feelings you may be carrying in your mind and body.     

Now, open yourself to everything in nature and begin to feel all your senses awakening.  As you do this, listen, taste and feel everything around you, i.e. the sounds, the smells, feel the warm sun caressing and penetrating your skin. –       

 Smell and taste the salt spray from the water in your mouth, as it rushes up the sand and washes and rushes back again into the ocean.

As you do this you now begin to deeply relax, no cares, no worries, just simply letting go in mind, body and spirit.  

Now feel your heart chakra expanding as you breathe gently, in and out.    

It as if everything in nature is healing you, soothing you, helping you to relax, and taking you deeper and deeper into a deep relaxing state.

Continue doing this, as you now feel the essence of universal love and warmth filling your entire body into every particle of your being deep into your DNA, with pure, unconditional love. 

When you feel you are finally full with enough love for the day, come back and open your eyes. Don’t be surprised when you see the world that you once knew now change into a place of wondrous beauty.


Katy was born a natural psychic, like many of the souls being born today and her gift came to her at an early age. Her own gatekeeper or guide came to her long before she began her work as a medium and often talked to her as far back as her could remember in her mind and often in her dreams. She was a very sensitive and solitary child and often played with her imagery friends, who were always there for her, as other children found her rather odd and she was often left alone to her own devices.    It did not take her long to quickly learn not to say anything about what she was experiencing in her own world and how she saw it, as she was always told she was just making it up anyway, was a liar and that she had an incredible imagination.

Finally after joining the spiritualist church at seventeen, she was able to meet with like-minded people who gave her the confidence to be herself.  They also had similar experiences so it was safe to open up and share everything that was happening in her life. Once there she was taught to meditate and learnt how to go into a light trance to meet her spirit helpers. With constant work and practise she became quite proficient and knew all her guides on a name basis quite well.  Before this she always knew she had an inner guidance but had no idea who she was talking to.  By spending time and energy on her natural abilities, her whole world gradually changed as she was not only introduced to her own gatekeeper, but other various guides that wanted to work with her as well. One day, while meditating, she was taken aback when she heard a loud voice call out telling her to get a pen and paper and to draw American Indian, with great white feathers in his head. Once she had done this she was told in not so many words that this was no ordinary Indian, but a great white chief called White Feather, who was her own loving guide. The spirit went on to tell her that they had been in past life together and that she was his beloved son. As she heard this, she began to feel a very deep love connection from deep with, and her eyes filled with tears of happiness, as the connection was so strong.

Some of the things that she learnt from her guide were as follow

  1. Personal Responsibility
  2. Loving yourself for whom you are as a soul and learning forgiveness.
  3. Treating others as equals
  4. Understanding and having compassion for everyone around her
  5. To honour others as you would honour yourself
  6. To respect the planet and environment you live in
  7. To live in harmony with everything around you
  8. To feel the beauty and energy of your own surroundings
  9. To fee peace and wholeness inside you via the breath.
  10. To see everyone and everything as a mirror for your own learning


  1. The more you work on your own lessons and issues, the more you are connected to your own Higher Self, which can be an all empowering experience.
  2. Do not be afraid about letting go of the need for attachment to the ego, learn trust the voice within.
  3. Surrendering is not about losing self-empowerment, it is simply opening yourself to the universe and other possibilities even better than what you envisaged for loving experiences.
  4. When you remove the needs of the ego and allow your true destiny in, through the will of the soul, to guide you through life, life itself becomes a rewarding journey…