Diamond Circle of Light 11th February 2015

Message from Romanov

Good EveningDear Ones and welcome back.  It’s good to see you are all here.  We have someone new here this evening hmm… excellent.  I’m sure you will have a very enjoyable time.  We have missed you dearly, dear ones.   I can promise you this year will be a good one, alot better than last year.  This year we will be working with many different types of phenomena so hang in there.  There maybe another member coming into this group as I see another person coming.   I feel it’s from your Trance group.  This will also enhance the energy.   We have young Johnny here with the spirit team, they will be coming in to help you.

At the moment the energy on the planet is very turbulent but this will change.We’re working overtime with light, light, light, call on the light, call in the light, call in the light for your dear planet and mother earth, do you understand that?

Tonight, call in your dear friends from the spirit world and they will come and help you with much love and much light.

Are there any questions?

Q. Medium J, since it’s the start of the year is there any events or things we need to lookout for or anything that might be a worry for the planet?

A. Romanov,

It will be much similar to the year before but attitudes will change, it’s about values your own values my friend and what matter most to you.  Working from within and being positive will create beautiful waves.  So watch your thought forms and be positive from within my friend. There is expansion as we are in another vibration.  Allow the old wisdom to come in.

Q. Medium M,

Romanov, are we receiving a lot of knowledge from pass life from long ago at the moment?


Yes, for some and also dreaming.   There are many things that are coming up and out.  Let them go, let them go.  As this brings change, do not be afraid to have change.  It’s about expecting more for yourself my friend.

It’s time to go.



Tonight’s Johnny and the kids were spinning the table.   We saw some crystal lights under the table and a few family members came with messages.  Johnny was also drumming on the cone.