Dark Victory

Jeanne-Marie was a petite, young French girl who came to me for a reading and healing. Even though she appeared bubbly and confident on first appearance, there was a much darker side to her life that was apparent to me after she walked into my office. As soon as I tuned into her energy, I discovered I correct, as she was quite the opposite of my initial impression. Her life force appeared to be very low and I could sense her deep sadness. On closer inspection her aura looked shrunken and dull, not the aura that a vibrant, healthy person would normally have. She also had large amounts of dark thick energy on the top of her head near her crown chakra, or energy point and around her shoulders.

When I mentioned this she said she had always felt sick most days, but had the usual medical tests done and no one could find anything wrong. She had also visited a counsellor but this hadn’t helped either. She complained her life was a mess as she was unable to do the things she wanted as she had very little energy. She also found it impossible to have another relationship since she broke up with her old boyfriend over 10 years ago. They had been going to marry but she called off the relationship after they became engaged as he was too bossy and controlling and she was beginning to become scared of him.

After the break-up, her love life became non-existent as she somehow seemed to repel any available suitors that may have been interested in her and it ended in tears. She started to cry, saying that she felt trapped and was becoming more and more fearful of everything in her life as her dreams were all disappearing. All her friends had since moved on as they found her behaviour rather odd and trying at times, and had little time for her complaints. Her once-vibrant personality had evaporated over the years and no one, including her family, could understand why. Every time she tried to do something with her life it would always backfire, leaving her more angry, fearful and depressed.

She said she fretted over her dismal existence and felt like a mouse trapped in a spinning wheel that went round and round. Her career told a similar story. She was a successful photographer, but as soon as she tried to get work overseas, something terrible would happen out of the blue and her plans would go wrong, making it impossible for her to move forward. Any attempts to create her own company, which was her longstanding dream, never reached fruition because all attempts to get it going just seemed to fall to pieces. Fed up and thinking there was more to the story she decided to come to see me and find out if I could help her. Tuning into the dark mass around her head, I could sense the presence of a man. As I described him to her, she told me it sounded exactly like her old fiancé right down to his personality and appearance. His energy seemed to be all around her and was very easy to detect, as it was so controlling and angry.

When I told her this she said she was not surprised, as she would unwittingly think about him or his family every day. Even though he had moved on and married, she had strange dreams about him nearly every night. The other odd thing that also worried her was that every time she flew into Darwin, where they once lived, she would always bump into one of his cousins or relatives at the airport, which seemed beyond a coincidence. This started to freak her out and she became even more paranoid, remembering the terrible threats he had made when she broke off their engagement. She went on to tell me tearfully that his whole family, from overseas had turned on her after the break-up, and even though she moved to another state, her past energy always followed her and she still felt connected to them no matter what she did or thought. Even though it was more than 10 years since the breakup, she still felt like she was being chased by shadows and living in fear of her life.

I reassured her that all would be well and slowly began to regress her into a meditative state, using my voice and crystal singing bowl. As I did this I cut the karmic cords, old spiritual contracts and ties from her energy field, the boyfriend and the families involved. Any negative residual energy from the chakras and energy points connecting her to their energy was cleared and healed and sent into the light of consciousness for healing and transmutation. This was to enable Jeanne-Marie, and her ex-boyfriend and his family, to move forward with their lives. When the healing was complete, which took about 45 minutes, she appeared more relaxed and at ease within herself. I could see just by looking at her there was a shift in her energy, as she glowed and radiated the new energy that surrounded her like a golden ball. When she was fully back into her body and seemed to be more aware, we spoke about her living arrangements as I felt a disturbing energy there as well. She told me that she still wore old jewellery she had received from her former boyfriend and had gifts from him stored in boxes under her bed. When she mentioned this, I nearly fell off my chair, as I knew intuitively that this was how she was being manipulated and attacked all the time.

It is not uncommon for pieces of jewellery to be used by the person who is sending the negative energy and can be used in psychic attack. Psychic attack is defined as the manipulation of supernatural energies and forces. I had no doubt this was one factor causing her problems. Dark or negative forces or vibrations are sent from one individual to another, causing disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place.

When I explained this to her she said it all seemed to make sense as she remembered his mother, who had never liked her, was interested in different types of Magic of a dark kind and had often spoke in the past of mysterious things she used to get up to with her strange friends.

Jeanne-Marie promised me she would get rid of the offending items right away. I mentioned she could just sage them at the same time as her apartment, but she insisted that she would rather get rid of them as they only reminded her of her painful past.

The funny thing is she could not believe why she had not followed her natural instincts in the first place as she instinctively felt what I told her was true. If people started to trust their own feelings, intuition and senses spirit has given them, they would be on their way to empowerment and not fall prey to the games and madness people play for their own amusement.

Kerrie Erwin – Psychic in Sydney.