Diamond Circle of Light 25th of February 2015

Message from Romanov

Good Evening and welcome dear friends, it is good that you are here tonight with us.  We welcome you dear friends.  It’s good see we have everyone here, except for the Chinese girl… she’ll be back, she’ll be back.   I’ll give her a poke tonight while she is sleeping in her bed or whatever she is doing.  There will be a new member coming into the group, it will be a woman, she’ll work well with you.  We’llsort her out.   She is a natural medium as well.  There is many changes in the year for everyone.  I see much success and I understand your patience was very thin last year.  This year everyone will move ahead.  You have much more balance, harmony and peace in the world and many changes that are bring in more peace.   Have patience with yourself and others my dears as sometimes you run yourself ragged with worry.  All will come, all will come have patience and do not fear.

In this lesson we’ll be working with all your charkas and aligning them.  We will also be opening you up to another vibration.

We are glad that you like the crystal energy that we have brought in that matrix as well.    The girl that came will not be coming again.  She came to reconnect you into the matrix crystal line energy, which is very good for all your vibrations taking us all to a new awareness so all is good.  Sometimes we use these people as messengers for the work to come in and line up the matrix.  Do you understand?   This is a time for you all to manifest, you breath the energy in and bring it down through your crown charka and have a picture of what you want in your mind, you speak your affirmation and you have the emotional happiness of feeling with you as you do this, do you understand.  You’ll be able to manifest quickly in is crystal line matrix and this will be lasting for another 4 weeks or so, then it will dull.  So now’s the time to be the artist and do your own lifestyle show.  I am sorry if I’m speaking in riddles but it is a message that I need to portray to you tonight.

Are there any questions?

Medium M – Romanov could you tell us who you would like to come into this group… the name of the person please?

Romanov – You know who she is… young Natalie.

Thank you


Tonight’s Johnny and the kids were spinning the table.   We saw some crystal lights under the table and a few family members came with messages.