How Energy Works

James was an accountant that had his own small business. No matter how hard he worked and tried to move ahead, he never seemed to get anywhere. Over time he became very disheartened.

His beautiful wife, who loved him very much, had an avid interest in feng shui and alternative therapies. She read an article I had written in a magazine about the power of positive energy and was interested to see if I could help her husband in his work as he was becoming more and more depressed and disheartened. According to the wife, no matter how hard he worked, he never seemed to get ahead. It was like he was just plodding along.

On my arrival at the home, I noticed that the family lived in a cul-de-sac which is never a good thing in feng shui, so I gave her a few tips and remedies, like placing a small Bagua mirror (it’s the same shape as the Bagua map, but has a mirror) out the front of the home to stop any toxic interferring energy coming in, and to also use a metal wind chime out the front of the home. The other thing I noticed, and it stood out like a sore thumb too, was that her husband was a hoarder. There was so much clutter everywhere! It was in every nook and cranny of the house, and in a shed at the back of the property. When I pointed this out, the woman acknowledged this and said she had been on his back for ages, but would now take action herself and get rid of everything while he was at work, with the help of their children. The clutter was everywhere. It was piled up in mountains of junk, felt very unpleasant, and should have been discarded years before as there was hardly any room to walk around. It must have been unpleasant for everyone living in the house.

After I finished at the home, I was then asked to go to James’s office, as both he and his wife were happy with my report. On arrival, I noticed that he worked with his back to the main entrance of his small office. Also, I could see how untidy and disorganised his office was with papers and important files everywhere. This was certainly very discouraging and I could not help but wonder how he managed to work efficiently at all, and was even able to think, with so much clutter and mess everywhere. There was also poor ventilation in his office. I felt as if I could hardly breathe it was so stuffy, so I suggested to James that perhaps he should open a window sometimes to allow in fresh air. He agreed. He said that he suffered from allergies most of this life and always had a cold, so he thought it was better to keep the window closed, which was not good for him in the long term. When I told his wife this she laughed and agreed with everything I said. She disliked going to his office to visit him because it was always too stuffy and gave her a headache.

A couple of months later I heard from the family and was told after listening to my practical advice, everything had changed for the better.

Love and Blessings.