Quan Yin

Quan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular Eastern divinities and known as a bodhisattva, an enlightened one. Her energy is described to what a mother feels for her child, as it is so caring, loving and protective. She helps everyone and is known as the Goddess of mercy, compassion and protection, her names mean, ‘she who hears prayers.

Everyone, no matter where they come from once, they pray to her, it is said she answers everyone’s prayer sent her way and does not discriminate. Her energy is described to helping us fully open up to our spiritual gifts, attain spiritual knowledge and enlightenment, and reduce world suffering. It’s said that the mere uttering of her name affords guaranteed protection from harm. Quan Yin is often called “the Mother Mary of the East,” because she represents feminine divinity and goddess energy in the Buddhist religion, in the same way that Mary radiates sweet loving femininity within Christianity. Quan Yin teaches us to practice a life of harmlessness, using great care to ease suffering in the world and not add to it in any way. She is known to help us with compassion, clairvoyance, kindness, gentleness, sweetness, love, mercy, singing and spiritual enlightenment.

Years ago, I ran a meditation trance group for a group of students. Each fortnight, we would be introduced to a new master energy and I have to say, I never felt so much gentleness when I channeled Quan Yin energy for the sitters in the room. After we had finished everyone was very calm, peaceful and relaxed. When I asked the students, what their experience was, they all said the same thing, they all felt very peaceful afterwards and could see her as a beautiful golden holy light, or energy, holding a sweet- smelling flower. The next time they came for the next sitting they all said they had some type of break through when they asked for assistance, to a problem in their life, within twenty-four hours, which when you think about it is remarkable. Over the years I have used this energy in many ways when I’ve had problems with people and wanting to let things go that don’t seem fair or there was no justice involved. An example of this was when a good friend and business associate went behind my back and undercut me in our business dealings. When I spoke up, instead of apologizing when confronted, the woman was extremely aggressive and said she did nothing wrong, cut all communications with me and bad mouthed me behind my back. Feeling totally sorry for myself, as I felt I had done nothing wrong, Quan Ying spoke to me and said I needed compassion and to understand the spiritual contract with this person was simply over and there was nothing else to learn. I also saw, this was a pattern that had happened to me a few times, about working on my own. With Quan Ying’s help I was able to let this awful experience go, call back my power and walk away with my head high. Any disappointment or confusion, simply disappeared and within a short time I was excited about my new projects which seemed to flow my way without any effort.




Sometimes in life we go through difficult challenges, often very painful, that can have an adverse effort, on our spiritual, mental, psychical and emotional bodies. Our emotions run riot, we become despondent, depressed and we cannot see the road ahead. This is a card of accepting change as a new direction is coming your way and you need to trust in the process as all is good and meant to be. This is the time for you to walk your own path, take responsibility for your actions, make your own decisions and let petty arguments or situations you have outgrown go. Earth is like a large stage we all signed up for in the spirit world, with plenty of spiritual contracts for our spiritual journey learning. Once we have learnt the lesson, we move on. The quicker we do this, the easier it is. Use gratitude and give thanks for every single experience, good or bad that comes your way. The quicker you do this, the easier it is to take you on your next journey.